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Photos can look really different depending on the background. Sometimes it’s best to keep the background, and other times, it’s better to remove it. But taking out the background isn’t always simple. It needs the right tools and careful work. That’s where our team at CutOutFactory comes in. We’re experts at removing backgrounds from photos. With your permission, we’ll handle everything. Your product pictures will look great, and we’ll make sure they’re handled with care every step of the way.

Expert Team Assigned

Your photo will be handled by our skilled background removal team.

Quality Check

Once the editing is complete, another team will double-check the work to ensure perfection.

Our 4-Step Process

We follow a simple 4-step process for the best results: Noise reduction, Exposure adjustment, Color correction, and Resizing/Cropping.

Safe Delivery

Once everything is finalized, we'll deliver the edited photo to you with care and attention to detail.

We are fully committed to your satisfaction as a team. Without your satisfaction, our job is incomplete. Your happiness is our priority. Please feel free to reach out to us for any work you need, and we guarantee to meet your expectations. Your satisfaction is our utmost goal, and we won’t let you down

Frequently Asked Question

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This technique in image editing isolates an object or subject from its original background. This makes it simpler to place the object onto a new background, enhancing the overall appearance of the image.

Removing backgrounds from images is helpful for getting rid of uninteresting or distracting backgrounds. This service is particularly useful for e-commerce product promotion, as it highlights the best features of the item.

Companies such as ImageEditExpert offer professional background removal services, where they can remove backgrounds from your pictures. This saves you the time and effort of doing it yourself or using outdated tools.

Background removal is a key feature of clipping path services. The goal in both cases is to isolate the object, making it ready for use in brochures, leaflets, magazines, and websites.

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photo editing tool commonly used for removing image backgrounds. Additionally, there are free photo background eraser software available for download on PC or Android/iOS smartphones.

  1. Open the image.
  2. Draw a rectangle around it.
  3. Click the Erase tool.
  4. Choose “Transparent” mode.
  5. Fill the shape with white using the Paint Can tool.
  6. Go to Paint Can > Custom.
  7. Reduce the opacity for a transparent effect.
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